ED Mentoring

Hired, elevated, or recently assumed the position of Executive Director? Want to give him or her a head start? Look no further than the EDS Mentoring Program.

If you hire someone without a background in every aspect of a school business office, the EDS Mentoring Program is an incredible opportunity for your professional to be matched for a year with an experienced colleague- Executive Director, CFO, COO or Business Manager.

Mentoring programs have proven to not only help advance career development but will also maximize your new hire's first few years and lower the learning curve. Our mentors will offer their experience, guidance and support to help your new hire navigate the challenges of the position. 

The EDS Mentoring Program will allow your new professional to learn the topics relevant to his/her position from an experienced mentor including; 



Human Resources

Security/Building Operations

Tuition Assistance




The EDS Mentoring Program will consist of bi-weekly calls, two in-person visits and available to answer questions when needed. Program cost is $3,600 for the 12 months of mentoring (not including reimbursement of travel costs). You can choose your mentor from a list of highly respected yeshiva day school professionals.


To enroll or learn more about this program, please email Stuart Gasner or Rabbi Perry Tirschwell.

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